Veteran intelligence agents say Trillanes should be charged for espionage, treason for helping foreign agency to…

Former Undersecretary for Special Concerns Abraham “Abe” Purugganan on his Facebook page said that Senator Antonio Trillanes IV should be imprisoned for Espionage and Treason for spying on the legislative and executive branches of the government for a foreign agency he did not disclose.

The statement came after Trillanes accused Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte of being a part of a chinese triad,evidenced by a dragon tattoo he has on his back, and that such information was given to him by a foreign agency.

Abe in his post quoted Ronnie Javier which he said was a veteran intelligence agent, saying that something about the events is “misaligned”.

“Intel people doing exchanges is accepted. After all, it’s their job to get info. And, same is being done by the other guy. But a senator? What is it in “aid of”? And we know there is never an intel meet without exchange. Besides, they also must always submit the after contact -meeting report. So, here, what was “exchanged” then? Somehow, i find this disturbingly close to treason.”

Another man, which Purugganan said was also a veteran intelligence officer, Benjamin Libarnes, was mentioned as saying that foreign intelligence agencies, while they share information to fellow intelligence agencies, are unlikely to share information to a private individual.

“Unless that individual private person (like a senator) is their paid agent working for them so that he can gather additional information on the activities of their subject target ! I hope Senator Trillanes is not an agent of any of the Chinese intelligence agencies (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hongkong or Macau) wherein the Triad is actively operating.”

Trillanes has insisted that the information he shared was from a reliable intelligence, and that it was more than a baseless tirade.

Purugganan quoted Libarnes as having suggested that Trillanes by expelled from the Senate, and not just suspended for his allegations against the presidential son and his “unruly behavior” against other senators.

Senator Richard Gordon, chair of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee has filed an ethics complaint against Trillanes after the latter accused the Committee of “lawyering for the Presidential family”.

Source: filipinewsph, Abe Purugganan
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